About Wickfire

Wickfire is a leading digital marketing agency focused on affiliate search marketing. By working with partners on the pay-for-performance model, Wickfire can deliver cost-effective, high-quality advertising with an added benefit to its partners: they only pay for results. It's a win-win situation where Wickfire succeeds by adding value to a brand's digital marketing efforts.

Founded in 2011, Wickfire's business initially focused on direct linking services for clients. Wickfire's two founders, Chet Hall and Jon Brown, used their expertise in product development to develop effective campaign management tools that were soon in high demand. Leveraging its superior technology and unparalleled results, Wickfire was soon running search campaigns for thousands of merchants.

In 2013, Wickfire expanded and launched its coupon and deal site, TheCoupon.Co. Targeting deal-oriented shoppers, TheCoupon.Co has grown to a top web property that improves conversion rates, generates brand loyalty, and notably increases year-over-year sales for our partners. TheCoupon.co now features over 4,400 merchants with active deals and reaches over 100,000 unique visitors monthly.

Wickfire continues to expand and target new customers for our partners. Our HighlightReviews network of review sites now captures customers higher in the funnel by targeting consumers that have not committed to making a purchase. By targeting "best," "review," and comparison terms, these sites reach a larger audience, influence shopper behavior, and generate new customer relationships. Additionally, these vertical-specific sites target both generic and review-oriented search terms used by customers, substantially widening our partners' reach.

Our Services

Wickfire dominates the SERPS with a multifaceted approach to search marketing, built on three strategic core capabilities: direct search, discount shopper targeting, and brand reputation and review services.

Our Team

Wickfire delivers a personal touch to clients by maintaining a small staff of SEM experts. When you work with us, you know exactly who handles your marketing. Our team has combined to work in performance marketing for over 30 years.

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