Wickfire combines expert-level knowledge of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with a technological approach to campaign managment. This allows us to efficiently manage and scale campaigns focusing on ROI across channels for our partners. We currently run paid search utilizing Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s networks.

Our team has earned the Premier Google Partner badge by demonstrating in-depth knowledge of Google AdWords advertising products. The Premier Google Partner badge shows that we’re recognized as a leading agency for developing and maintaining successful online advertising campaigns for businesses. Plus, we get access to exclusive trainings that help us help you.

Network Integration

Wickfire’s proprietary admin platform integrates the API for all major affiliate networks including Affiliate by Conversant (Commission Junction), Rakuten Linkshare, ShareASale, and Pepperjam. For partners in the major networks, we can launch a new campaign and begin optimizing it with the click of a button. We also work with several in-house networks. This allows us to pull in conversion data in real-time and make data-driven decisions.

Direct Search

When you don’t advertise on your brand terms, competitors steal your customers. Your marketing team has worked hard to get customers searching for your brand – make sure they go to your site.

Wickfire offers Direct Search services to ensure that our partners receive traffic from customers searching for their brand. We run direct search campaigns targeting individual company names, domains, products, and related phrases linking directly to partner websites. For select partners we also cover competitor and general terms.

Advertising on brand terms provides a 27% incremental lift in traffic. Though a small fraction of paid and organic click overlap does exist, you can expect a significant lift while displacing competitors by bidding on your brand.

Bing Study on Branded Search Reveals:

Percent of your branded traffic competitors receive when you do not have an ad present
Percent of incremental traffic generated by bidding on your brand
Percent of overlap between paid and organic clicks
Percent of all branded traffic you recieve with organic and paid search

Wickfire’s brand reputation service helps drive your traffic where it belongs – your site. We work as an independent search agency for companies without SEM teams, as well as collaborate with internal teams to control the search space. Your marketing team has worked hard to get shoppers searching for your brand. Make sure they take the final step to becoming a customer.


Over two-thirds of customers abandon online shopping carts during checkout. Consumers cite unexpected shipping costs and difficulty finding valid coupon codes as two of the most common reasons they fail to complete a purchase. Yet, 54% of shoppers report they will purchase products left in shopping carts when offered a discount. What are you doing to incentivize sales?

Wickfire launched TheCoupon.Co in 2013 to enhance conversion rates for brands with deal-oriented shoppers. Giving customers purchase incentives and coupons from a third party validates their belief of getting the best deal. Furthermore, we utilize strategically designed coupons to increase the average order value by introducing minimum values for deals offered.

TheCoupon.Co focuses on SEM promotion for stores through “trademark plus” or brand + coupon and deal keywords. Our top verticals include fashion, daily deals, web hosting, printing services, electronics, and ink. Current monthly traffic ranges from 130,000 – 150,000 unique visitors and 290,000+ page views and continues to grow.

In addition to promoting your branded discount terms, we offer promotion on competitor terms for strategic partners, homepage and category placements, and email Deal Alerts.


More than half of shoppers say that online reviews influence their buying decision. Many complaint sites rank organically for Brand Reputation and Review terms, such as “merchant review” and “merchant complaint.” These sites tarnish your online identity and reduce the likelihood of a customer making a purchase. Furthermore, competitors often bid on these terms in effort to persuade customers at a key moment in the purchase funnel. Take control of your brand identity.

Wickfire utilizes the HighlightReviews network of sites to reclaim your brand narrative. These sites displace negative reviews and competitor ads, resulting in more traffic for your brand. We target Brand Reputation, comparison (“merchant versus”), and generic (“best product/category”) terms that reach customers in the discovery, research, and purchase phase of their journey. By doing so, we are able to direct visitors to a review site that answers their questions, alleviates concerns, and encourages a more informed purchase.

In addition to our primary domain, we create vertical-specific sites that foster customer’s trust by demonstrating topic-level expertise. We work hard to showcase the positive attributes for our partners and strategically position them against their competitors in a way that drives conversions.

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