Wickfire specializes in search engine marketing for online brands. We increase conversions and add value for our partners by combining sophisticated technology with in-depth marketing experience, all under a performance-based model where our fees are based on results. Put simply, we get paid when we drive sales.

Wickfire has set itself apart by finding and converting customers throughout the buying journey.  Capturing traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Wickfire’s multi-channel reach allows its partners to discover new shoppers, increase brand loyalty, and generate sales. 

Discount Shopper Targeting

Over two-thirds of customers abandon online shopping carts during checkout. Consumers cite unexpected shipping costs and difficulty finding valid coupon codes as two of the most common reasons they fail to complete a purchase. Yet, 54% of shoppers report they will purchase products left in shopping carts when offered a discount. What are you doing to incentivize sales?

In 2013, Wickfire expanded and launched its coupon and deal site, TheCoupon.Co.  Targeting deal-oriented shoppers, TheCoupon.Co has grown to a top web property that improves conversion rates, generates brand loyalty, and notably increases year-over-year sales for our partners. TheCoupon.co now features over 4,400 merchants with active deals and reaches nearly 200,000 unique visitors monthly.

TheCoupon.Co focuses on search engine marketing through “trademark plus” or brand + coupon and deal keywords.  In addition to promoting your branded discount terms, we offer homepage, top merchant and category placements, and email deal alerts.


More than half of shoppers say that online reviews influence their buying decisions.  Take control of your brand identity.  

Highlight Reviews captures customers higher in the funnel by targeting consumers that have not committed to making a purchase. By targeting "best," "review," and comparison terms, these sites reach a larger audience, influence shopper behavior, and generate new customer relationships. Additionally, these vertical-specific sites target both generic and review-oriented search terms used by customers, substantially widening our partners' reach.

Coverage on Highlight Reviews lets you reclaim your brand narrative.  Our review site displaces negative reviews and competitor ads, resulting in more traffic for your brand. We target reputation, comparison (“merchant versus”), and generic (“best product/category”) terms that reach customers in the discovery, research, and purchase phase of their journey. By doing so, we are able to direct visitors to a review site that answers their questions, alleviates concerns, and encourages a more informed purchase.

Direct Search

When you don’t advertise on your brand terms, competitors steal your customers. Your marketing team has worked hard to get customers searching for your brand – make sure they go to your site.

Wickfire offers direct search services to ensure that our partners receive traffic from customers searching for their brand. We run direct search campaigns targeting individual company names, domains, products, and related phrases linking directly to partner websites. For select partners, we also cover competitor and general terms.

Advertising on brand terms provides a 27% incremental lift in traffic -- that is, clicks that would not occur in the absence of a paid search campaign.  

Bing Study on Branded Search Reveals:


Percent of your branded traffic competitors receive when you do not have an ad present

Percent of incremental traffic generated by bidding on your brand

Percent of overlap between paid and organic clicks

Percent of all branded traffic you recieve with organic and paid search

Ready to take a multi-channel approach to your brand's marketing?