Wickfire is a leading digital marketing company focused on search marketing. By working with partners on the pay-for-performance model, Wickfire can deliver cost-effective, high-quality advertising with an added benefit to its partners: they only pay for results.

Leveraging superior technology and unparalleled results, Wickfire runs paid search campaigns for thousands of merchants and successfully launched two new web properties, TheCoupon.Co and Highlight Reviews.

Our Services

Direct Search

Your marketing team works hard to get customers to search for your brand. Our Direct Linking services ensures you get the traffic you deserve. 

Discount Shopper Targeting

Customers love getting a deal as much as stores love driving sales. We target branded discount phrases and direct them to a coupon website to help partners improve conversions.

Brand Reputation and Review

Reach customers at the top of the funnel. We target Brand Reputation and Review queries and direct visitors to sites that answer questions, alleviate concerns, and encourage a more informed purchase.