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Buyer’s Guide drives $50 Million in revenue to partners every month, focusing on early consumer interest traffic.

  • 80M+ monthly search impressions
  • 6M+ monthly unique visitors
  • 3,000 comparison pages
  • Over 30,000 products and services compared in one place.
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Frequently Asked Questions About

How We Generate Traffic

  • Buyer’s Guide helps brands convert shoppers higher in the purchase funnel by targeting early consumer interest search traffic in Google and Bing (e.g. “best vacuum,” “baby monitors,” “best mattress”). 

How We Determine Rankings

  • Traffic is directed to optimized comparison pages that use a proprietary value index to assist user decision-making and analyze user behavior. 
  • Merchants are ranked according to Wickfire’s proprietary Review Merchant Index, which incorporates user engagement, click through rate, conversion rate, and CPA for each brand, among other factors
  • Using our algorithm, we are able to identify and boost top-performing products for our partners. 

Typical User Path:

  • Customer types a review- and comparison-related search queries
  • Customer clicks on Buyer’s Guide ad, and is taken to a comparison page
  • Our pages are optimized to aid decision-making, get the user past the research phase of their buying journey, and drive conversions

Brand Reputation Sample Queries:

 Brand name +

Alternatives Review(s) Issues Complaints
Comparison Ranking(s) Legit Quality
Competitors Rating(s) Vs Versus


CPA Proposal

  • We work exclusively on a performance basis, so you only pay for sales we generate.
  • Because we pay out-of-pocket for search traffic CPCs, placements on Buyer’s Guide usually require a CPA substantially higher than default rates.  

How do we account for the fact that your proposed CPA is higher than our initial AOV? 

  • The CPCs for the generic, non-brand traffic we drive are often of higher cost, and because it is higher in the purchase funnel, lower conversion rates. 
  • We can work within the LTV margins you have for new customers
  • Our requested CPAs are what, based on our research or the current partnership landscape, gives the vertical the best chance for success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your CPA for the top position? 

  • The RMI considers a number of performance metrics based on our users and predicted shopping patterns

Is there a set duration for the contract that you need?

  • Once it is initiated, we do recommend that you allow 3 months to optimize and we do ask for a one-month notice to terminate any product deal.

What content can you provide for our brand? 

  • We start all new partnerships with 3 or more value propositions in the bullets under the name, depending on the vertical. 
  • We can offer expanded content once we have had enough time to test the partnership to see if it’s a good fit for both sides
    • Additional expansions from our content team include a full review page for the brand, blog posts, and email blasts.

Can we make changes or edits to your review before it goes live? 

  • Our content team has the final call, but they are happy to consider feedback.
  • We will always correct inaccuracies. 

Can we have multiple listings in each category?

  • Buyer’s Guide is separated into two “channels”. One focusing on the brand as a whole and the other focusing on individual products from the brand. We can have multiple products listed under the product-focused categories.

How are the number rankings generated?

  • Those scores come from our internal ranking system. The algorithm is constantly taking into account multiple data points related to things like customer interaction and assigning a score out of 10.

Can we give you specific keywords to focus on? 

  • We are happy to take suggestions and will take them to our search team for consideration.  Especially with more mature verticals, we can often give some new terms a performance test.

Can we give you specific keywords to negative-match? 

  • We negative match branded terms for our partners unless you give us permission to advertise on those terms.  
  • We cannot accommodate negative matches to non-brand keywords.

We noticed that one of our competitors is ranked on your site.  Can we ensure that we’re placed above them? 

  • We don’t guarantee positions but can tell you how our algorithm works to give you an idea of what is needed for additional boosts in positioning.

How long does it take for your algorithm to bump us up if we offer a discount or a great deal? 

  • The algorithm runs on a daily basis, so if there is a large uptick in the click outs and conversions for the brand, it can be gathered quickly into the rankings.  
  • Generally, changes are fully incorporated within 3 days to one week.

If we give you a new CPA to test, how long do you need a commitment for? 

  • We request at least 30 days to give it the best chance for success.

What do you need from us to get started? 

  • We need a high-resolution logo, the landing page, or link ID you want us to use 
  • You can also provide a  list of value props or a marketing deck for our content team to consider for content during our initial build.
  • Custom offer agreed upon sent to our account in the affiliate program.

Network Questions:

On what networks do you operate? 

  • We are fully integrated with all major networks like: 
    • CJ
    • Impact
    • Rakuten
    • Awin
    • ShareASale.  
  • We are already integrated with some smaller networks or tracking solutions like:  
    • Avangate
    • AffiliatlY
    • Affiliate Future
    • Partnerize.
  • We also have integration with these networks that provide white-labeled solutions: 
    • Cake
    • Tune/Has Offers
    • Refersion
    • Post Affiliate Pro
    • Volusion

Have a question about working with Buyer’s Guide? We’d love to hear from you!