TheCoupon.Co FAQ

TheCoupon.Co partners with over 1,000 e-commerce websites to drive discount shoppers to targeted deals, focusing on reducing shopping cart abandonment and increasing AOV through targeted promotions.

  • 550,000 monthly unique visitors
  • Drives conversions for deal-sensitive shoppers
  • Focuses on brand+coupon and discount queries
  • Sends traffic to dedicated merchant page on TheCoupon.Co
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Frequently Asked Questions About TM+

What is a TM+ campaign?

  • Running paid search on Google, Bing, and their search partners bidding on brand name in combination with other keywords (TM+).

What TM+ keywords do you bid on?

  • Brand Name +
Coupon(s)Promo Code(s)
Coupon Code(s)Promotion
Discount Code(s)Promotion Code(s)
Offer(s)Promotional Code(s)
Offer Code(s)Voucher(s)
Promo(s)Voucher Code(s)

What are the costs involved with a TM+ campaign? 

  • We are only paid when a consumer makes a purchase, so we are motivated to drive qualified traffic and advertise valid coupons.

What commission rate or CPA is required to run a campaign with you?

  • We can start at your base commission rate in the network.

Why should we give you TM+ bidding rights when other coupon sites are able to rank organically?

  • Many of the organically ranked coupon sites are offering invalid coupons, promoting your competitors, or pushing flashy banner ads (which all detract from consumers making purchases on your site). 
  • Without the partnership, you aren’t able to control what messages the organic coupon sites are advertising for your brand.
    • Working with a reputable TM+ partner allows you to preserve your brand’s integrity by limiting the number of coupons customers can use, and steering clear of deep discounts. 

What is the benefit of you bidding on our TM+ keywords versus us only doing it in-house?

  • Allowing us to bid on TM+ helps to control your paid search space by keeping competitors out of your top paid search positions.
  • Consumers are often looking for a reputable third party who can provide the best coupons available on the internet, not just what is featured on a merchant’s website.
  • We would recommend allowing us to run a TM+ campaign on your behalf because is optimized for high conversion rates and you won’t have to waste your money on traffic that doesn’t convert.

What if we don’t offer coupons? 

  • We can advertise value propositions, or our standard deals (“Current Specials”, “Daily Deals”), and consumers will still convert.
  • However, brands who don’t offer coupons might want to reconsider. According to “What Science Says About Discounts, Promotions, and Free Offers”, by CM Commerce (2020):
    • Coupons create happiness – consumers find delight and joy in receiving an exclusive offer which positively impacts how consumers view your brand.
    • Offering coupons actually increases bottom line revenue.
      • Your customer base will include shoppers who happily pay full price and buyers who eagerly wait for a new coupon to appear, which is why smart brands deliver special deals to different segments to encourage everyone to complete their next purchase.
      • Often coupons require consumers to spend above a specified minimum order total which increases their potential AOV.
    • Discounts discourage shopping cart abandonment and encourage new trials.
      • Two-thirds of consumers reported they have made a purchase they weren’t originally planning to make solely based on finding a coupon or discount. 

Do you require a minimum time commitment in terms of how long we have to run for? 

  • For our trials, we like to test campaigns for at least 30 days, this gives us enough data to evaluate the potential of a campaign. However, there is no contractual time commitment and you may request to pause or stop a campaign at any time.

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